OPM3® is an acronym for the Organizational Project Management Maturity Model – a standard developed by the Project Management Institute (PMI®). The purpose of OPM3 is to provide a way for organizations to understand organizational project management and to measure their maturity against a comprehensive and broad based set of organizational project management Best Practices. OPM3 also helps organizations wishing to increase their organizational project management maturity to plan for improvement. OPM3 offers the key to organizational project management maturity with three interlocking elements:

  • Knowledge:
  • lets organizations uncover hundreds of Best Practices and shows them how to use the information available in OPM3;

  • Assessment:
  • is an interactive database tool that lets organizations evaluate their current situation and identify their areas in need of improvement should an organization decided to embark on the path to higher maturity;

  • Improvement:
  • will help map out the steps needed by any organization to achieve their goals.
    OPM3 helps organizations understand organizational project management and their organizational project management maturity. It enables them to assess the current state of their organizational project management maturity, and, if they choose, to embark upon improvements that will enable them to better manage projects and achieve organizational strategies.

    OPM3 is also a tool to help organisations select and deliver the right projects to achieve their strategic objectives. It works to ensure Portfolios and Programs are aligned with the organisations strategic objectives and individual projects fit within the relevant program objectives. OPM3 also provides an effective mechanism for ensuring the consistent and reliable delivery of individual projects across the organisation.
    OPM3 compares your organization against approximately 600 best practices based on four stages of process improvement:
    Continuously Improve


    The Organizational Project Management Maturity Model or OPM3 is a globally recognized best-practice standard for assessing and developing capabilities in Portfolio Management, Program Management, and Project Management

    OPM3 then helps organizations develop the roadmap that the company will follow to improve performance.

    The Second Edition (2008) was recognized by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as an American National Standard (ANSI/PMI 08-004-2008)

    During development, a team of volunteers analyzed twenty-seven existing models and deployed surveys repeatedly to 30,000 practitioners

    The volunteer OPM3 model review team reviewed CMM and other models to understand the scope of each model, capabilities of each model, methodology for conducting assessments against each model, each model’s structure, and each model’s implementation procedures. The analysis concluded that existing models left many important questions about Organizational Project Management (OPM) maturity unanswered and that the team should proceed with the development of an original model through the sponsorship of PMI

    Participants were invited to suggest elements that constituted maturity in OPM.

    Such elements were refined as testable capability statements, consolidated, and eventually organized into groups called OPM3 best practices. Each OPM3 best practice statement denotes a group of OPM3 capability statements. OPM3 capabilities are the testable statements of the OPM3 standard