What is TOGAF?

TOGAF®, an Open Group Standard, it is a methodology to build/enhance enterprise architecture and a framework used to improve business efficiency.

Enterprise Architecture defines what an organization does; who performs individual functions within the organization, and within the market value chain; how the organizational functions are performed; and how information is used and stored

By using enterprise architecture you are sure that your IT systems are aligned with business objectives

I found this video which give a great brief on TOGAF describing what TOGAF and how your enterprise can benefit from it

Starts with an overview of the concepts of How & What, Process & Function
Definition of Enterprise Continuum
Enterprise Continuum = Architecture Continuum + Solution Continuum
Look to the Enterprise Continuum as a mega box wich contain other boxes where you store all artifacts or building blocks (BB). when you go through a cycle of Architecture Development Method (ADM) you are adding a BB or consuming one and the result is what called the architectural model
That is a very high meta structure level of what TOGAF do.

An Enterprise Architecture introduction

Usefull links for Certification